Saturday, 27 November 2010


No offence to those who want to kill themselves, but this song is not about suicide.
Sometimes saying " I love you" is just not enough, same as "I hate you" or "I miss you" and I could go on. I think "I hate it when I am right" is one of these as well, but then again simple words wouldn't tell how I feel. Here's a song about it:


I should try to kill myself instead
Of blaming you that you are dead,
To me, to what I have in my head,
You could never feel like that...

I know you won't be able,
To wait, to wait that long...
I wish you could prove,
That I am...I am wrong!

Listen to the song!

Monday, 22 November 2010

Stuck in reverse

I keep having these dreams. I talk to her, she says she's sorry, I can't believe her anymore, but something tells me to come back for more. I wake up and feel bad about the whole thing. I never loved her, I never understood her and never will, still here I am every day in front of her door, I'm not knocking, just waiting...

Stuck in reverse

I feel, so insecure under this pressure...
I'm trying to find the cure, to make this better!

I can't lose what I never had,
I'm not losing you!
All that you are,
All the things that you say and do,
We're stuck in reverse...

Listen to the song!