Friday, 10 December 2010

What are we waiting for?/Stop waiting

There's something sad about waiting. Waiting too long kills the dream and the feeling. Now it feels like it lasts forever, and I start to forget names and faces and the reason why I came at the first place. It makes me sad. And there's this grey veil in front of my eyes when I'm sad, and I guess it feels right, 'cause it makes everything look black and white, simple and pure, closer to truth. The cliche of the statement "life is too short" is worn out, still, sometimes I need to remind myself, 'cause you're not here to remind me, remind me that I should stop waiting...

What are we waiting for?

I want to be at a place I call home,
I want to be the one you call your own!
And to kiss the face of the one I always wanted,
Don't miss my change 'cause we only have one death...

What are we waiting for?
What are we waiting for this time?

What is that we're waiting for?
Our time runs out before we know,
We know...

As I lay awake I recall
Every word you've said
On that cold day, and it all seemed too late...

Listen to the song!

Stop waiting

Nothing could stop us
From falling apart.
I poured all my feeling
That I've found in my heart.
I watched as the liquid flows
And the feeling grows...

I just want to let go of this
Now and forever!
I just want to forget all I know,
And stop waiting for her...

Listen to the song!